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Detroit Area Steelheaders

Sportsman's Wild Game Dinner

March 3, 2018

The 19th Wild Game Dinner - the best one yet, thanks to Country Smoke House, Michi-gun, Lombardo’s Taxidermy, the Polish Cultural center, the DAS Board, Joel Piatek's Fish Headz charters and all the volunteers who helped everything go so smooth. I truly feel Chef Jeff and the rest of the Country Smokehouse team knocked it out of the park.

When preparing a meal for 500 people and keeping the same results as cooking for a family of 4 really shows these guys are talented, I would recommend the Smokehouse to anybody looking to step up their event as long as it's not the same day as ours. Michi-gun as always handles our crowd great and brings the right product to keep our guests buying tickets. A Big Thanks to Rich and his team for the continued support of the Steelheaders. What game dinner wouldn't be complete without a great taxidermy display? If you are looking for the best work around go check John Lombardo out. I know a couple of our guests will because John generously donated a couple of gift certificates to us.

For an event like this to go off as good as it does takes a lot of prep and planning all year long. Then, the Big Day comes and the rest of the board who was there puts in Big Work to make this dinner a great success. Now that it's in the books it's time for us to spread our hard earned profits to great causes and organizations and further help promote, protect, and preserve the resources in this great state of Michigan.

Your DAS dinner Chairman

Carl Ventimiglia

Country Smoke House


Lombardo's Taxidermy

P.S. The DAS Board of Directors wants to give a great big SHOUT OUT to Carl & his wife Kelly for the fantastic effort they put forth in co-ordinating and organizing this event. It certainly is as successful as it is because of them!

Thank you both!