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June 9, 2018 - Special People Day

Each year our Detroit Area Steelheaders organization hosts a group of “Special People” for a day of fun and fishing.    What is this group of special people?  It’s a group of people young and not so young who face a physical or emotional challenge.  They are men and women, children and adults who come together one day each year to spend a day with us having fun.  “Special People Day” is a social outing with their friends where they spend the morning on Lake Erie catching fish.  After fishing, lunch is provided under the big tent where our “Special People” socialize and show off their ‘days catch’.  The remainder of the event is filled with pictures, prizes, and fun.

Boats will launch from the Toledo Beach boat launch in the morning after the Captains meeting. Toledo Beach has allowed those boats participating to launch for free. Participants will join them at the boat launch. When they come in the participants will de-board the boats at the docks and will be shuttled to the picnic shelter while the boats are pulled from the water. Picnic will be held in one of the parks picnic shelters in the Day Use area. Captains can bring their boats on the trailers to the picnic area parking lot to park. We will have the picnic when all Boats and Crews arrive. For those wanting to spend the night, Toledo Beach has also OK'd one night's dockage for free

DAS sponsors this event as a way to give back to our community but its success comes from the experience of our members.  Each person who helps out knows they are part of a worthwhile cause and the event is sustained because our members keep coming back.

This event has continued for over 30 years now and your help is needed to keep it going.  The DAS needs captains, boats, ground crew helpers, and donations.  If you can help in any way please call DAS “Special People” chairman:

Dan Chisholm @ 586-530-9171

or email him by clicking on the button on the right DAN CHISHOLM

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